Saturday, December 23, 2006

Reach out

She asks me why
Does my heart cry

How do I tell
It’s because I fail
To borrow her sorrow,
Bring hope of tomorrow?

Why should one
Lead life alone
And suffer the pain,
Be locked in the chain
Of mistrust & disbelief
When one can seek relief
In the company of a friend
Who would not pretend
To be destroyer of sadness
Or bringer of happiness
But perhaps by offering
A patient ear, listening
To the whining and pining,
With words of understanding
Make one feel strong,
Tell one it is not wrong
To want to do what one wants to
And that it is one's right too
To choose not to fake,
Be happy for one's own sake

It isn’t easy however
And it will be never
One has to search those
Deep feelings to disclose
To oneself whom one can trust
And then it all boils down just
To take a leap of faith and reach out
And things will get better – I have no doubt

(Created on 18th December 2007)

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