Friday, December 15, 2006

Rene Descartes ruined my life

My life, Rene Descartes has ruined:
Teaching me to ask why
For a reason, one must vie
Everything has to be questioned

He said: I think, therefore I am.
More I think, more I am convinced
That I am not, “I am” never existed
It is nothing but a scam

Events of my life, as I reasoned
have come to question
Existence of reason a creation
Vicious, to which I am seasoned
For out in the world, I find
in thought & action prevail
To understand this, I consistently fail
Reckless emotions rule each mind

Do I give in to unreason?
And be a part of the irrational lot
And for emotion discount thought
Exist together they do, though geason
Is what I have learned
From experiences of my life

Existence of such strife
of me to be committed

To reason
& continue to question
For truth is in Renes suggestion
Abandoning principles is not the way
Innovating on practice is needed, I say

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Sachi said...

Nice one AP...gr8 going...I loved this one...