Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have been pondering about the nature of hope;
Why do I get hooked on to it, like addicts to dope?
Everytime I cling on to it, it lets me go,
Lets me drop, to the dark valley so low
That I can't locate a single ray of light;
Expecting me to give up my Sisyphean fight

But, I crawl
I start climbing
And I fall
I keep climbing

I can do nothing but believe, as long as I am living,
That though it fails me, hope is a good thing

Monday, September 29, 2008

Expiry Date

This that has come – this too will pass
The green meadows will become dried grass
Family, friends, foes, your guy or your gal
No one is going to be the same, pal

Like the lily that blooms for only a day
Or the oak that stands for some hundred years
To wither in the end, all you have will wear away
And you will want, in vain, to do more than shed tears

The feelings that you feel amount to little
In relationships; the silken laces, time does whittle
They are never strong enough to avoid their fate
Every relationship, my dear, comes with an expiry date

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Your Eyes

I want to trust
But it is just
About your eyes, O dear,
That though I hear
And want to believe
The words you give
To me... But your eyes...
They tell me it is all lies

(Dedicated to her lying eyes.
Finished in first Managerial Accounting class :-) )

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Reach out

She asks me why
Does my heart cry

How do I tell
It’s because I fail
To borrow her sorrow,
Bring hope of tomorrow?

Why should one
Lead life alone
And suffer the pain,
Be locked in the chain
Of mistrust & disbelief
When one can seek relief
In the company of a friend
Who would not pretend
To be destroyer of sadness
Or bringer of happiness
But perhaps by offering
A patient ear, listening
To the whining and pining,
With words of understanding
Make one feel strong,
Tell one it is not wrong
To want to do what one wants to
And that it is one's right too
To choose not to fake,
Be happy for one's own sake

It isn’t easy however
And it will be never
One has to search those
Deep feelings to disclose
To oneself whom one can trust
And then it all boils down just
To take a leap of faith and reach out
And things will get better – I have no doubt

(Created on 18th December 2007)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Rene Descartes ruined my life

My life, Rene Descartes has ruined:
Teaching me to ask why
For a reason, one must vie
Everything has to be questioned

He said: I think, therefore I am.
More I think, more I am convinced
That I am not, “I am” never existed
It is nothing but a scam

Events of my life, as I reasoned
have come to question
Existence of reason a creation
Vicious, to which I am seasoned
For out in the world, I find
in thought & action prevail
To understand this, I consistently fail
Reckless emotions rule each mind

Do I give in to unreason?
And be a part of the irrational lot
And for emotion discount thought
Exist together they do, though geason
Is what I have learned
From experiences of my life

Existence of such strife
of me to be committed

To reason
& continue to question
For truth is in Renes suggestion
Abandoning principles is not the way
Innovating on practice is needed, I say

A few short poems

It is a silent night,
Full of feelings -
In wait of a time right -
To leave the lone cold dwellings
Of my heart
To seek its better half part.




Standing in a multitude of faces
Seeking the unknown unfamiliar face
Which seeks a similar face
To be tied together by a silken lace




Of doggerels and limericks
I care not the least
Of the feeling that in the heart sticks -
The same beauty felt for the beast...

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I brought unto me
This loneliness, this pain

My room haunts me
I fight, and me, it does drain

Nightmares of things-to-be
Destroy thoughts in the brain

Lack of hope kills me
Yet, I search for it; in vain

Those old feelings strangle me
I struggle, but can't break the chain

Observe, let be, the things around me
Should I? It is so difficult to feign
Not being an actor and an observer be
My heart, however, I will have to train