Saturday, December 23, 2006

Reach out

She asks me why
Does my heart cry

How do I tell
It’s because I fail
To borrow her sorrow,
Bring hope of tomorrow?

Why should one
Lead life alone
And suffer the pain,
Be locked in the chain
Of mistrust & disbelief
When one can seek relief
In the company of a friend
Who would not pretend
To be destroyer of sadness
Or bringer of happiness
But perhaps by offering
A patient ear, listening
To the whining and pining,
With words of understanding
Make one feel strong,
Tell one it is not wrong
To want to do what one wants to
And that it is one's right too
To choose not to fake,
Be happy for one's own sake

It isn’t easy however
And it will be never
One has to search those
Deep feelings to disclose
To oneself whom one can trust
And then it all boils down just
To take a leap of faith and reach out
And things will get better – I have no doubt

(Created on 18th December 2007)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Rene Descartes ruined my life

My life, Rene Descartes has ruined:
Teaching me to ask why
For a reason, one must vie
Everything has to be questioned

He said: I think, therefore I am.
More I think, more I am convinced
That I am not, “I am” never existed
It is nothing but a scam

Events of my life, as I reasoned
have come to question
Existence of reason a creation
Vicious, to which I am seasoned
For out in the world, I find
in thought & action prevail
To understand this, I consistently fail
Reckless emotions rule each mind

Do I give in to unreason?
And be a part of the irrational lot
And for emotion discount thought
Exist together they do, though geason
Is what I have learned
From experiences of my life

Existence of such strife
of me to be committed

To reason
& continue to question
For truth is in Renes suggestion
Abandoning principles is not the way
Innovating on practice is needed, I say

A few short poems

It is a silent night,
Full of feelings -
In wait of a time right -
To leave the lone cold dwellings
Of my heart
To seek its better half part.




Standing in a multitude of faces
Seeking the unknown unfamiliar face
Which seeks a similar face
To be tied together by a silken lace




Of doggerels and limericks
I care not the least
Of the feeling that in the heart sticks -
The same beauty felt for the beast...

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I brought unto me
This loneliness, this pain

My room haunts me
I fight, and me, it does drain

Nightmares of things-to-be
Destroy thoughts in the brain

Lack of hope kills me
Yet, I search for it; in vain

Those old feelings strangle me
I struggle, but can't break the chain

Observe, let be, the things around me
Should I? It is so difficult to feign
Not being an actor and an observer be
My heart, however, I will have to train


And I don't know why,
They go on and classify -

They brand me Alien,
I ain't of their origin;
I am not coloured,
My hulls unlike painted;
I am a rowdy ruffian,
I do not fit in their culture;
When they are at wits end,
I am condemned a moron;
My tongue is sheer nonsense,
Their's full of reason and tense;
Their success attributes to hard work,
Mine is outcome of favoritism.

Then does Truth on me lower,
It is just a mad rush for power,
Nothing & none is cosmopolitan.
And I get it pretty clear,
As an alien I must fear,
But on Mars: it will be my turn to jeer.


How very generous,
When the loved leaves
Disappointments – countless,
Questions – countless,
Generosity overwhelms the lover!

How very humble,
When the loved
Pleads nescience,
Requests amnesia,
Humility overwhelms the lover!

Just Couldn't

Couldn't close these eyes,
Couldn't sleep for ages,
your face-
all places-
those moments-
you, me, love and -

Couldn't let these ears,
Listen to the music,
every note-
each lyric-
those vibrations-
you, me, love and -

Couldn't smell the fragrance,
Breeze forced to the nose,
sweet scent-
various shades-
stain'd thorns-
you, me, love and -

Couldn't bear the life,
Couldn't breath any more,
hurt heart-
burdened soul-
hell I go-
you, me, love and betrayal,
that betrayal, damn betrayal...


Over the waves, so untimed;
With the flows, undirected;
From glows, endlessly;
Those bytes bit mercilessly.
A game, is it? “An honest refusal”,
Unmet commitment; reason unspeakable;
“Promise to keep; pardon, undeserving,
Could not ask; He h’ever, in parts, punishing.”
History – a piece of cloth, cambric,
Together, entwined the colorful fabric,
Patched – where was & got torn;
Still, dry roses scent, thorns adorn.

A non-lover – curious & dubious,
A lover – knows, undubious,
A non-loser – unwanting & blissful
…a loser – undubious & doubtful!
Loss of hope, change for better;
Unshaken faith, no faith to judder;
Charitable cruelty, cruel charity;
A dream so real, undreamt reality;
What is it? Which is it: avengeful anger,
Self indignation; a greedy hunger,
Genuine connection; remorse for mistakes,
Show to entice mercy; hardworked successes,
Escape from present… past – the unlucky strike,
The beginning of this endless strife,
Never did imagine it to really occur,
But it did & the relation it did rupture!

The mind thus transformed to a mine of questions
Coupled with the incapacity to suggest solutions,
From the enigmatic putrefying puddle,
Bubbles the question – the panacea to all riddles,
The question to end all questions: to live or to die,
To end the misery of life, or survive and vie
A divine intervention
Or return of the lost affection?

The facts & thoughts, thus, the loser submits,
And from the rest of the three people, counsel solicits.


A new born baby


fresh hopes
delicate dreams
tender wings
trembling feet
foggy vision




matador will, unending zeal

strangled to death, evil fogies.

A torch kindled, the fire burns.



Love is sacrifice,
I have heard it many a time;
And such a pity it is,
As I fail again and again,
To realise the truth;
Of the popular wisdom.

Don't know - never needed to - what Love is,
But know that its best undefined;
Love is this and Love is that,
Ask me! Love is none of this childish crap.

Aint I say there aint no Love,
Neither say never rise in Love,
All I say to folks wildly curious,
Rise in Love, to know what it is...
Bet there aint any better way to know.

And to put to rest the pending case,
Whether or not Love is sacrifice,
All I say about the boy who died,
Had he used his mental faculties hard,
He and his girl would have been still alive,
All he could do was deaccelerate,
Or in some water pond they could dive,
Or in some hundred different ways,
He or they could have saved themselves.

To give up your Life, is to disown God,
Denying one of two things, to us He's given;
One is Love and the other - Life.
Trust in Him, is all I suggest,
For he never closeth all doors at once,
All you need is to keep looking,
For that hole of Heavenly Providence,
Through which light and warmth
Will fill our Love & Life.

Sacrifice is a devil's term;
All I know is a compromise, a settlement
Where both the parties involved get even:
bit of the good and bit of the bad.
And such deals are struck always in Life,
Though, when you are asked to sacrifice
Devil must be sure at work
Either you are a stupid scapegoat,
Or you are a powerless slave.


A Wish

Not that I mourn that thou art gone,
Ever since, I have made my peace,
And decided: let bygones be bygone.

But on a chilly winter morning,
As I sit staring at the screen,
I feel as lonely as the sun burning.
I need someone to talk to then,
To speak out the regrets & rejoicings,
Not the lover, only a fren’.

You don’t need to bear the look
Of my love-stricken eyes;
Just lend me thy healing voice.

For a friend, may sound much selfish
So deem me a beggar, a mortal,
And like a God, grant me my wish.


What is Love?

I am in love,
What is it, I don't know.

But, to me, as she walks
I feel the beats fasten,
Or, to me, as she talks
For hours, to her, can listen,
And her eyes, so hypnotic-
Ooh! She knows a sort of magic.
And when I kiss her,
Seems like on cloud nine.
Or as I make love to her
Let time stop, is only wish mine.

But for me, that's novel unlike,
B and C made me feel alike,
Kissed B many a time,
My body with C's in rhyme,
Not once but twice,
She was better than E, guys.

I am back to square one then,
Brooding what is love again.

Know B and C over million a day,
E - I just met yesterday.
And B is fair and smart too,
C is sexy, great figure, ooh!
E couldn't equate them at all,
Least attractive to say, overall.
I feel one with her though.
May be that’s what they call love,
Still ain't sure though ;/
Who cares!